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New functionalities are waiting for you on the SIGNIUS platform to make the process of signing documents even more efficient and easier for you.

New functionalities

Add a message to your signers

Do you send a document(s) to be signed and would like to add a message to the signers to share relevant information with them? We have introduced a new option that now makes this possible!

Sort and filter documents in the new “Documents” tab

Once you have logged into the platform, you will now find a new Documents tab next to the Folders tab. Here you can conveniently browse and search for documents from all folders – all in one place. This will make it easier for you to find the files you need without having to search through each folder separately.

Coming soon to the platform!

We are constantly developing and will introduce further functionality in the near future:

Sign XML files on the SIGNIUS platform!

Soon, you will easily and securely sign XML files, e.g. financial statements, on the platform as well, even by several people.

New role – Approver

Need someone to approve the content of a document before it is signed? We are working on this. In the coming weeks, a new Role – Approver – will be added to the platform. When you add and send a document(s) for signature, you will also be able to assign a person to Approve the document(s), in other words to Accept their content. You will additionally be able to indicate this person as the Signer, but this will not be necessary. Everything depends on your current business needs.

We hope that the new functionalities and enhancements will further improve your work in signing documents on the SIGNIUS platform. Log in and check it all out!