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An eIDAS-compliant qualified electronic seal is not only the digital equivalent of an analogue company seal. The cryptographic seal also guarantees the origin (authenticity) and integrity of the document and protects it against manipulation. Compliance with eIDAS provides pan-European binding effect and legal assurance, and the involvement of national authorised and appropriately certified trust service providers in the generation of the seal is comparable to notarial certification.

SIGNIUS Seal server software

SIGNIUS Seal server software provides a high degree of automation and can be easily integrated into existing company processes (such as replacement scanning or long-term archiving). Sealing is optionally carried out via an API or network folder, 100% remotely or locally, or hybrid – depending on the requirements of the organisation.

What sets SIGNIUS Seal apart?

  • Documents are processed exclusively on the client’s premises and do not leave the client’s infrastructure (this is known as hash-based sealing).
  • Modern technology and availability for Windows and Linux systems
  • Attractive and transparent licence model
  • Quick and easy installation (less than one hour)

Qualified seal from GlobalSign

In cooperation with global certification authority GlobalSign, remote qualified seals from GlobalSign can be integrated into the SIGNIUS intelligent process.

GlobalSign, based in Belgium, is an established certification authority (CA) provider and issues high-quality digital certificates and PKI solutions for companies, organisations and individuals. This enables business and individual users as well as institutions and public organisations to securely communicate over networks, verify and identify individuals, organisations with servers and programmes, as well as sign and encrypt messages, files and data and use PKI solutions.

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