We’re redefining banking

You can let your clients open an account, a loan agreement, or an investment account electronically, anytime, anywhere. It’s fast, convenient, and paperless.

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SIGNIUS changes the way banks work

It takes minutes to activate an account or get a bank guarantee. All over the world. Your time and your customers’ time is saved, conversions are increased by acting in a legal and secure way.

With the strongest encryption mechanisms, you ensure the highest level of data security.

By using SIGNIUS, you don’t have to scan and archive paper documents – you just create them electronically from the start.

Time-stamped files make your digital archives transparent. By eliminating paper consumption and reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll save money and help the environment.

It gives you a competitive edge right away. Integrate our solutions seamlessly with yours.

SIGNIUS solutions for banks


  • verifying customer identity remotely
  • remote account opening/closing, and loan agreements signed by the customer (cloud-based solution or integrated with the bank’s internal systems)
  • Credit promissory notes signed and sealed electronically
  • Leasing documents handled electronically
  • Remote bank guarantee issuance
  • Automated stamping of confirmations, balances, and notifications
  • Bulk correspondence handled electronically
  • Electronic seals and signatures for internal and external orders
  • Tracking documents and archives with electronic time stamps

Investment funds and brokers

  • video authentication of customer identity (remote verification)
  • opening/closing investment and deposit accounts remotely (cloud-based solution or integrated with bank’s internal systems)
  • getting electronic investment orders and validating them right away
  • mass confirmation of account balances and transactions
  • handling custody services electronically
  • legally binding documents for clients, other brokers, exchanges, and custodians
  • time stamps make document circulation transparent and electronic filing easy

SIGNIUS solutions for the banking sector

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