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eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Seal with Utimaco CryptoServer CP5 (QSCD/HSM)

UTIMACO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of on-premises and cloud-based hardware security modules (HSM). Combining SIGNIUS Seal and Utimaco CryptoServer CP5 (QSCD) together we offer Qualified Electronic Sealing that accelerates digitization, prevents fraud, guarantees trust and adds legal value to digital documents.

Qualified signature 100% remotely in 10 minutes based on online identification

We provide qualified signatures on our platform in cooperation with a Qualified Trust Service Provider – EuroCert, which is the issuer of the qualified certificate. It is one of five companies in Poland with qualified trust service provider status. We issue a qualified certificate on the platform through a secure remote and certified identity verification process, compliant with the eIDAS Regulation.

Advanced signature with KYC identity verification via e-banking

Our partnership with Authologic, a provider of remote identity verification solutions, enables the fully secure and convenient signing of online documents with an advanced signature with KYC identification on our platform. Instant data confirmation via e-banking guarantees user credibility and eliminates potential fraud in advance, while ensuring a positive user experience.

Electronic signatures with 'selfie' identity verification compliant with KYC, AML and CFT

IDENTT is a provider of automated, remote and secure identity verification. Our joint solution offers a unique digital document signing service based on automatic verification of the signers’ ID document – ‘on selfie’. The identity verification provided by IDENTT is AML and CFT compliant and increases the level of reliability of customer authentication. The joint service can be deployed either in a cloud-based version or installed on the customer’s infrastructure.

Remote signing of documents directly in a Microsoft SharePoint application

Together with arp ideas – a Microsoft Gold Partner – we are developing a mechanism for the remote signing of documents stored in a Microsoft SharePoint application. A document stored in SharePoint can be directed to be signed with a SIGNIUS electronic signature directly from the SharePoint library. The Word document will be automatically converted to PDF format ready for signature. The solution is available to any organisation using Microsoft SharePoint, either cloud-based or on-premise.

Electronic signature in business applications

We cooperate with DomData – the developer of the Ferryt BPM process platform, which enables the creation of business applications without coding or IT knowledge. Thanks to the integration of the SIGNIUS Professional and Ferryt Low-Code platforms, we make it possible to remotely sign documents in business processes implemented in applications created on the Ferryt platform. It is a simple and intuitive tool addressed to medium-sized companies and corporations.

Qualified signatures in compliance with EU and Swiss law - the Enterprise solution

Swisscom is one of Europe’s leading IT companies and a provider of qualified certificates. Within the framework of the cooperation, qualified signatures are issued on the SIGNIUS Enterprise platform in compliance with EU eIDAS and Swiss ZertES law. Qualified signatures are issued on the basis of remote identity verification, e.g. in the form of video-verification, confirmation of data via electronic banking and ID cards. The offer is addressed to Enterprise customers.

Advanced signature with AI-supported video identification

In cooperation with Fully-Verified, we offer AI-supported video verification of customer identity in the process of remotely signing documents with the Advanced Signature on the SIGNIUS Professional platform. This is an extremely fast, convenient and secure way to identify signers. Fully-Verified offers video-based identity verification in line with the standards used in banking. The company provides identity verification services that eliminate fraud, speed up customer onboarding and ensure regulatory compliance.

The highest level of security and RODO compliance with HSM nShield QSCD modules

We have partnered with Entrust – a global leader in cyber security – to develop our state-of-the-art remote document signing solution. The Entrust nShield QSCD HSM modules we use are certified by the European Commission and listed as secure signature devices. They provide full protection of users’ cryptographic keys guaranteeing the highest level of security as well as privacy and compliance with RODO.

Signing documents in compliance with eIDAS with a leading identity management solution

The joint technology solution with Intercede MyID is the secure, affordable and user-centric platform for digital document signing and identity management that organisations, governments and customers expect today. Automated user entry, integration with current infrastructure, intuitive processes, the strongest two-factor authentication, flexibility and technology independence are just some of the many advantages of our solution.

Security and non-repudiation with the pioneering Cryptomathic Signer solution

We have partnered with Cryptomatic, the European expert in cryptographic solutions. SIGNIUS is supported on the backend by Cryptomathic’s pioneering e-signature solution, Signer, which ensures their security and non-repudiation in compliance with eIDAS for a wide range of organisations, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to banks, government institutions and corporations.

Qualified signature with 'selfie' identification - available fastest on the market

We have integrated the unique technology of German technology company Nect for identity verification – Robo-Ident – with our SIGNIUS Professional remote document signing platform. As a result, we offer the fastest available qualified signature in Europe, issued on the basis of instant and secure AI-supported user identity verification on a selfie. The Nect app is intuitively operated on a Smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

Qualified signature with instant identification by Verimi

VERIMI is a Germany-based digital identity management service provider in Europe. This partnership allows us to expand the range of identity verification methods available on our platform. Verimi customers who already have a confirmed digital identity can immediately start signing documents on SIGNIUS Professional without the need to identify themselves.

KYC identification based on a video call - QES in 10 minutes, online

The video-based identity verification on the basis of which qualified certificates are issued in SIGNIUS is carried out on a software platform provided by Identity Trust Management AG, a company with years of experience specialising in the development and delivery of KYC solutions at the highest level. Video-based verification is certified, equal to personal identification and complies with the EU eIDAS Regulation and the requirements of the FSA.

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