Digital signatures in corporations and organizations

How can large organizations implement digital workflow automation? What problems are they facing? How do we fix them?

Millions of users on one electronic signature platform

The biggest problem large organizations face is how to implement easy and useful solutions for a large audience. There’s no room for experimentation or mistakes. If you’re successful, economies of scale will take hold, generating millions of dollars in profits or losses. Let’s take a look at an example.

There are thousands of contracts ABC Bank employees sign every day with customers. The Bank concludes multilateral and partnership agreements, requiring multiple pairs of eyes to have a closer look. Loans, leases, account openings – this is just a drop in the ocean. Each time, people working in it print, scan, and send agreements to subsequent contractors. It takes time for them to do all these things – and both the bank and clients are impatient.

DEG Bank employees, the IT department, and management decide to stop using paper documents. They’re building a fully secure platform for signing documents, like agreements, and they’re going to be able to digitally seal thousands of documents at once. They are making a new place to store documents, which will now be digital.

Client decisions are made faster, tranche payments are released faster, DEG Bank saves money and gains a competitive edge. ABC Bank pays its technological debt.

A single e-signature platform makes millions

We’re at a unique moment in digital transformation history. A single solution can make you a huge profit right away. In large companies, economies of scale will count – the more users switch to digital signing, the faster we can get new revenue.

SIGNIUS: a digital signature for big companies

SIGNIUS Enterprise is one solution we offer to this type of client. It’s a tailor-made implementation that we build locally (on-premise), so it’s integrated into the internal organization.

How can our customers benefit?

  • Simple and fast onboarding for your clients, new employees, and subcontractors, and you can choose the verification method that works for you.
  • Complete and sign all kinds of agreements, applications, and documents – in one online channel and instantly
  • Mass sealing of documentation
  • Documentation time stamping (for archiving, termination, etc.)
  • Installation on-premises, which means documents don’t leave the company and are safe

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