Signing remotely could revolutionize the industry

Technology changes everything in small and medium-sized businesses. It takes them to completely different levels. Is remote signing a risky move or a sure thing?

Remote signatures are primarily a breakthrough in places where signing agreements is a daily bread. They’ll be in place in recruitment agencies, and human resources departments. New employees’ agreements, annexes to their existing agreements, and other documents go through these departments. Sometimes they sign up to a dozen documents with a new employee!

There are lots of industries where remote signatures, seals, or time stamps can work – education, finance, real estate… The electronic signature supports for ex. sales processes and makes transactions easier, faster, and more efficient.

Let’s look at one scenario where a digital signature definitely makes a difference.

In a logistics company, the HR department recruits hundreds of people, prints agreements, adds annexes to agreements, archives thousands of documents, and serves every single one of them personally.

A company recruiting IT employees switched from paper documents to remote signatures. Firstly, it gives new employees a chance to sign an employment agreement by making a qualified signature. In addition to signing other agreements, they can use other types of signatures on one platform. So the employee can approve more documents remotely, in a matter of minutes, without having to come into the office.
It took minutes instead of days to service new hires, and the department stopped printing tons of paper.

Do you think this is an over-idealised picture of the future? Not necessarily, since a lot of companies already have digital tools. A digital signature would be great. An express service impacts on working time, efficiency, employees’, clients’ and subcontractors’ satisfaction.

SIGNIUS: remote express signatures for small and medium businesses

Innovations like remote sealing and signing documents can really show up right away. But even where only a few dozen employees work, moving to remote signing or sealing is a big leap, a profitable change, which is relieved by both employees responsible for processing agreements and those who sign them.

How does it benefit you?

  • Any agreement can be done in minutes, not days, so all formalities are sped up
  • It makes the work process of the agreement department a lot easier
  • Signing of contracts, applications, documents is done immediately, in one online channel
  • It’s easier to monitor the process – everyone gets an e-mail when the other party signs the agreement

Do you think the digitalization of paper processes will also change your workplace? We would like to invite you to a free demo where we’ll show you solutions that will help you improve your business processes.

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