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Here's what SIGNIUS changes in HR

A lot of HR processes can be digitized with SIGNIUS. We have flexible solutions, a web-based service version, and seamless integrations with other systems.

Digital transformation happens right now thanks to SIGNIUS technology – fast, easy integration, near-instant deployment.

SIGNIUS solutions in action

Recruitment and employment

  • verifying new employees’ identities remotely (KYC/AML-compliant Digital Onboarding)
  • legally binding signatures on recruitment documents (e.g. letter of intent)
  • remotely signing work contracts, management contracts, commission agreements, and more
  • setting up temporary employment contracts, replacement employment contracts, non-competition contracts, and assignment contracts for working abroad
  • directly contracting with workers abroad
  • terminating an employee remotely


  • remote annexation of the contract
  • signing personal income tax forms in bulk
  • remote acceptance of electronic documents for social security and tax administration
  • Payroll signing remotely
  • Requesting holidays online
  • Authorisations, staff reports, dismissals, applications, and other documents can be approved remotely
  • Documentation digitized into a form with equal probative value

SIGNIUS in HR practice

Paretti is an employment agency. With SIGNIUS, contracts with specialists, logistics staff, and production staff are signed online. Their customers come from all over the world, including Ukraine.

A branch of Mondi Poland specializes in helping employees find work in the German market. Mondi’s contracts and personnel documents are signed remotely on SIGNIUS Professional platform.

SIGNIUS solutions for the HR industry

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