Let's take digital transformation to the next level

Our mission is to create digital identity. Enabling the rapid, remote and automated execution of key online activities with legal impact. We develop innovative technologies to support business development.

SIGNIUS offers digital signatures and a range of services and products used by companies operating globally and locally. Digital Onboarding and signing documents with us is convenient and secure.

Co-founders of SIGNIUS

SIGNIUS was created by experts with many years of experience in the crypto industry – the founders of a company called Esysco: Bartosz Witkowski, Jack Piekarski, Marcin Bartosiewicz.

They have been involved in the electronic signature industry, PKI, digital transformation and identity and access management since the beginning of their careers.

Since 2009, they have been helping companies and public sector organisations to protect sensitive data and information with advanced technology solutions.

CEO, Digital Transformation Evangelist | Poznań, Poland

Bartosz Witkowski

From the beginning of his career connected with the IT and cryptography sectors.

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From the beginning of his career he has been connected with the IT and cryptography sectors. His knowledge of digital signatures comes from both the business (customer needs) and the technical side. He is an experienced manager who has implemented multiple complex projects for companies, governmental institutions, both Polish and foreign banks, such as: Deutsche Bank,. BZ WBK, BRE Bank, mBank, Energa Operator S.S., Sygnity S.A., BP Polsoft, MeKesson, Consdata, Komenda Główna Policji, ARMIR, Bulgarian Ministry of Interior.

He is a charismatic leader, who naturally gathers people around a vision of a product.


Co-Founder & VP Sales | Berlin, Germany

Jack Piekarski

He has worked for leading technology providers in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and the US.

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In his career, Jack was always focused on emerging technologies and crypto-based solutions.

He has worked for leading technology providers in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and the US, gaining remarkable experience both in cybersecurity and in pushing sales towards new goals while being employed in Sales, Pre-Sales, Business Development as well as Channel and Vendor Management.

Jack lives in Berlin, Germany and is passionate about Beach Volleyball and Kiteboarding.


CTO | Warsaw, Poland

Marcin Bartosiewicz

At the age of 16, he developed the first commercial computer program.

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From an early age, he became interested in IT. When he was 16 he wrote his first commercial program. Architected many security systems used by the Polish police and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

His responsibilities include product development, IT security, threat identification, compliance project management, and PCI-DSS, PCI-PTS, PIN Security implementation.

Has competencies in the field of IT security, vulnerability management, project management, compliance, and implementation of PCI-DSS, PCI-PTS, PIN security, etc.


How about joining us?

Our team is international, with several dozen people. We work in a non-corporate environment, developing our brands, improving our products, and collaborating with our partners and clients.

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Discover all SIGNIUS solutions

An advanced signature, advanced with KYC identification or qualified? Go ahead! Here you will find a platform for fast and professional document signing.

We will verify your identity remotely, and from now on, you can sign any document in one minute!


A secure, comprehensive solution for large enterprises and corporations.

Everything in one place: advanced, advanced with KYC identification and qualified signature, remote contract management, remote identification in accordance with eIDAS, KYC, AML, and KNF requirements. We implement the service locally (on-premise).


Do you prefer to sign documents in your everyday apps?
There is nothing simpler!

Here you will find a an application that integrates harmoniously with Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other popular programmes. We support Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


The digital equivalent of a company stamp with a tiny difference: it seals thousands of documents at once.

A tool ideal for signing documents by legal entities: public limited companies, public institutions and limited liability companies.


Proof of the exact time at which the electronic signature was affixed.

It guarantees complete legal security and protects against fraud.


The only certified identification via video in Poland, equivalent to personal identification.

Instant confirmation of identity in compliance with eIDAS, KYC, AML and CFT. The beginning of significant time and cost savings in customer service.