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Tell us what you need

Do you want a system tailored to your business? A customised platform with your branding and your domain, a return to your company’s website once documents have been signed, accounts for all employees in one service panel? How about automation of sending documents for signature via API? Nothing simpler! We will prepare our offer perfectly tailored to the needs of your organisation.


Plan time for implementation

We can tailor our platform to your company’s needs. You can easily and quickly integrate it yourself via our simple REST API with your internal systems (e.g. CRM, DMS).


What you will see after deployment

A convenient, intuitive user panel will be available to selected people in your company. You can add documents to the platform and send them for signature. You can also group them conveniently in folders.


What will your customers receive

Clients, and other signers, can access the document via a link sent by email. Using your tools, remote signing can also be embedded in the client’s onboarding process. Customers can sign one agreement or multiple documents simultaneously with a single click.


Who will pay

At the signing stage, you can decide who pays for the signing. You can pay for everyone’s signing, including those outside your company. At the end of the month, you will receive a summary invoice for all signatures made during that time.

Do you have questions?

Feel free to ask!

Can multiple people sign documents from one company account?

Yes, there is such a possibility in the SIGNIUS Business option. The accounts of all platform users from the company are integrated into a single operating panel. The panel is managed by a person selected from the company. All designated employees sign documents (and send them for signature) from one panel. This option also offers a collective billing system.

How long does it take to integrate via API, and can we test it first?

We offer a straightforward REST API that allows you to carry out the integration of SIGNIUS Professional into your system in as little as one day. This integration will enable you to manage documents and folders from within your system.

test the solution are offered access to our Sandbox (test environment). Contact us, if you are interessted.

Are documents signed with a qualified signature with a 2-year certificate valid after 3 years and beyond?

Yes, the signature is valid even after the certificate has expired. We add LTV – long-term validity, to every qualified signature submitted on our platform. We also add a timestamp and specifically embed the signature to ensure the validity of the signatures submitted.