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The insurance industry is changing with SIGNIUS

The time from requesting a quote to signing a contract is minutes, not hours.

Customer claims will be just as easy, and the claims process will be smooth. There will be no branch office, no paper documents to print, and no distribution costs. Just an agent on the ground – anywhere he’s needed.

All processes comply with the highest security standards, being eIDAS compliant at both qualified and advanced levels.

Electronic signatures in the insurance sector

Customer Service

  • KYC and AML compliant remote identity verification
  • sign from any device (phone, tablet, computer)
  • signing and sealing documents within minutes, by all parties
  • handling enquiries, claims, and damage reports remotely

Contract processing

  • signing and sealing binding offers, rules, contracts, and policies remotely
  • internal electronic signing and sharing of documents at various levels of decision-making
  • tracking of submitted and pending signatures
  • mass electronic document sealing
  • reinsurance statements issued to customers and other insurers


  • documents protected from manipulation
  • authenticity, integrity, and legal force of the documents
  • a certified copy of the signatory’s ID
  • electronic preservation of long-term contracts
  • archive documents organized by time stamps

Solutions for the insurance industry

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