Remote signing of documents in a local (on-premise) installation

Business transactions faster than ever before

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A new dimension of digital transformation

Remote signing of documents compliant with European law (eIDAS)

All types of electronic signatures: advanced, qualified, digital seal – in one place

The shortest time to market with a proven return on investment

Broad support for user databases (Active Directory, LDAP, identity management systems)

Turnkey solution – a comprehensive paperless offer from a single supplier

Deployed as a cloud service, in a hybrid version or as an on-premise solution

Modern, comfortable, safe

Remote signature and seal

Optimal workflow by implementing each type of e-signature
and/or electronic seal


Effective integration with any digital identity provider and the introduction of different identification methods (video, selfie ID, electronic banking)


Strong customer authentication (SCA) based on a reliable 2FA/MFA service for the highest level of security


All our technologies and processes are eIDAS and DSGVO compliant, guaranteeing 100% security

We integrate seamlessly into any system

  • Integrate with internal workflow systems (e.g. ERP, DMS, custom systems)
  • We can provide a remote document signing solution compliant with several EU and international jurisdictions
  • We link our system to the customer database (any CRM)
  • We can fully customise the platform for a corporate brand
  • You can use the already implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) for user authentication
  • We give you complete control over your user accounts

Industries for which we streamline processes

Banking and finance

SIGNIUS Enterprise is well suited for most banking operations: loans, bank account opening or credit card applications that require the end-user’s signature.


SIGNIUS delivers immediate results, higher conversions and transaction volumes. Saves by being paperless (no physical mailing or document archiving) — the ability to finalise the sales process in a single process that takes a few minutes.


SIGNIUS Enterprise supports modern standards for digitisation in government. Digitising interactions between public administrations and citizens minimises the risk of errors, delays and costs.

Bankowość i finanse

SIGNIUS Enterprise sprawdzi się w większości operacji bankowych: pożyczki, otwarcie rachunku bankowego czy wnioski o wydanie karty kredytowej, które wymagają podpisu autoryzacyjnego od użytkownika końcowego.


SIGNIUS wpływa na natychmiastowe wyniki, wyższą konwersję i ilość transakcji. Buduje oszczędności wynikające z rezygnacji z papieru (fizycznej wysyłki i archiwizacji dokumentacji). Możliwość finalizacji procesu sprzedaży zamyka się w jednym procesie, który trwa kilka minut.


SIGNIUS Enterprise wspiera współczesne standardy związane z cyfryzacją organów państwowych. Digitalizacja interakcji między organami administracji, a obywatelami pozwala zminimalizować ryzyko błędu, opóźnienia i koszty.

How do we implement the SIGNIUS Enterprise?


Kick-off and planning

We start with a workshop to determine the actual scope of your needs. Our common goal is to automate workflows and streamline processes.



We configure the integration environment and pre-production. We set up a development team that stars working on the custom features.



We provide software for signatures and other selected services. The project enters the quality assurance (QA) phase. Testing takes place in the pre-production environment.

One digital identity - many possibilities

One of the most essential features of our solutions is the identification of the customer, user or prospective employee. We offer a range of eIDAS-compliant methods:

  • VideoIDent method (video verification): 5 minute live webcam session.
  • ID Ident method: the user scans the IdentChip of the ID card using the application and the camera of the mobile phone and authenticates himself by entering a PIN. This method is the fastest, taking about 90 seconds.
  • In-person on-site identification remains an integrable option, SIGNIUS trains and certifies employees to be verifiers for your company.
  • Identification options can also include, for example, existing BankIDs.

Full flexibility

Choose your implementation option

  • Fully managed platform by the SIGNIUS team of experts
  • Hybrid model – hosting some elements and outsourcing others
  • On-premise deployment – the deployment of the entire solution within the organisation
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Discover all SIGNIUS solutions

An advanced signature, advanced with KYC identification or qualified? Go ahead! Here you will find a platform for fast and professional document signing.

We will verify your identity remotely, and from now on, you can sign any document in one minute!


A secure, comprehensive solution for large enterprises and corporations.

Everything in one place: advanced, advanced with KYC identification and qualified signature, remote contract management, remote identification in accordance with eIDAS, KYC, AML, and KNF requirements. We implement the service locally (on-premise).


Do you prefer to sign documents in your everyday apps?
There is nothing simpler!

Here you will find a an application that integrates harmoniously with Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other popular programmes. We support Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


The digital equivalent of a company stamp with a tiny difference: it seals thousands of documents at once.

A tool ideal for signing documents by legal entities: public limited companies, public institutions and limited liability companies.


Proof of the exact time at which the electronic signature was affixed.

It guarantees complete legal security and protects against fraud.


The only certified identification via video in Poland, equivalent to personal identification.

Instant confirmation of identity in compliance with eIDAS, KYC, AML and CFT. The beginning of significant time and cost savings in customer service.