Frequently asked questions

How to e-sign

E-signing: how does it work?

It depends on if you’re a new user or signing the document for the umpteenth time. It takes about a minute to a few minutes. How does it work? There are two ways to go:

First one:

  1. Send a document to the platform.
  2. When you choose qualified or advanced signatures & KYC, your identity is verified once. You can do this via video-verification, selfie check (always for a qualified signature) or identification via electronic banking. There’s no need to make an appointment, everything happens on its own. This process takes place when you sign your first document (or if your details change).
  3. You specify the email addresses and phone numbers of the signers. Optionally, you can set the order in which they will sign. Each signatory gets an e-mail with the document to sign.
  4. You confirm the signing of the document via SMS – just enter the code you get.
  5. It’s signed remotely in seconds.
  6. As soon as all signers sign, the signed document will be ready to download.

Second way:

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Choose your own signature package.
  3. You’ll need to verify your identity (remotely). If you buy an advanced signature (without identity verification), you can start signing right away, without initial verification.
  4. Add a document for signing to a folder.
  5. You specify the email addresses and phone numbers of the signers. Optionally, you can set the order in which they will sign. Each signatory gets an e-mail with the document to sign.
  6. You confirm the signing via SMS – just enter the code you get.
  7. It’s signed remotely in seconds.
  8. As soon as all signers sign, the signed document will be ready to download.

What types of files will I sign on the platform?

You will sign PDF files up to 10 MB (non-interactive) on the platform. You can select multiple documents and sign them at once.

How do I check if a document is signed?

It can be done in two ways:

  1. If you open a signed document in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you’ll see a green checkmark. If you expand this option, you’ll get more info about the signed document and the electronic seal. It’s called the electronic layer.
  2. Documents with advanced signatures have a visual signature image. In the case of a qualified signature, it can also be added. This is the last page of the document or visualization on the first page that contains a list of the signers that have signed.

How many people can sign the document?

The maximum number of signers on a document depends on the choice of graphic signature representation type and is respectively:
– without graphic representation of the signers – unlimited number of persons
– graphic representation on the first page – 8 persons
– graphic representation in the form of the last additional page of the document – 12 persons

What's the best way to send a document to multiple people?

You create an account and upload the document to the platform. When you send a document to sign, you have to put the email addresses and mobile phone numbers of the people signing it. Signers will get an email with a link to the document. You can optionally define the signing order.

When you choose qualified or advanced signatures & KYC, a one-time identity verification is done for each signer after account creation. For advanced signatures, identity verification isn’t needed. Co-signers don’t have to create accounts either.

When there are a lot of signers, is there a specific order or can they sign independently?

There are two options – the signing process can take place in an order set by the user or without specifying an order (in which case all co-signers receive a link with the document to be signed at the same time).

If I have power of attorney, can I sign documents for someone else?

No, you can only sign document in your name.

Is it okay to sign if I'm under 18?

No, only adults can sign the document.

What is the graphic representation of signatures? Is it a facsimile or is it generated text?

A graphic representation of a signature isn’t a facsimile. There’s an extra page at the end or visualisation on the first page listing everyone who signed the document. It also shows what type of signature was used – advanced or qualified – and when the document was signed (timestamp). For qualified signatures, adding an extra page or visualisation on the first page is optional.

Is SIGNIUS Professional also available in other languages? Can I send documents to foreign clients?

SIGNIUS Professional is available in Polish, English, German, Swedish, and Ukrainian. You can send documents to foreign customers if you enter their email address and mobile number.

Remote identification is available in couple of languages, for example: Polish, English, German, Ukrainian, and Russian. Also, we’re constantly adding new languages.

Is it possible to use only the customer's phone number for the advanced signature process?

No, whenever we sign a document online on the platform, we have to provide both their email address and phone number.

How much does it cost for a qualified signature used occasionally, no more than once a month?

You can buy pay as you go package or subscribe, depending on how many signatures you need. Packages start at 9 Euros. This price includes identity verification.

Check out the Pricing tab to find the package that’s right for you.

Also, you can cover the signature costs of the person(s) you send the document(s) to. With this option, they can sign important documents for free and make transactions faster, for example.

Does the other co-signer have to use SIGNIUS services, if I choose SIGNIUS, or can they use another provider?

The other co-signer doesn’t have to use our services and can use another electronic signature provider. It’s worth considering that both parties use the SIGNIUS Professional platform, if you care about time and smooth signing. This way, there’s no need to download and email the document to the co-signer. All the steps will be done in one place, on one platform, and much faster.

Types of signatures

Can I sign a contract of mandate or specific-task contract with an advanced electronic signature?

It’s okay to sign a contract of mandate or specific-task contract with an advanced electronic signature.

However, you should use a qualified signature if the contract also transfers economic copyright or grants a license.

Is an advance signature enough to sign an insurance contract?

Most insurance companies will accept an advanced signature on an insurance contract. However, insurers decide which signatures are needed, so we recommend to check it with the company.

Is it possible to sign an employment contract with an advanced signature?

An advanced electronic signature isn’t enough when signing an employment contract. The contract must be signed with a qualified electronic signature.

The contract contains a proviso of written form on pain of nullity; the document was signed with an electronic signature. In practice, how do I see the difference between qualified and advanced signatures?

Contracts that require signatures in writing under penalty of nullity have to be signed with an qualified electronic signature – equivalent to a handwritten one.

To distinguish a qualified signature from an advanced signature in practice, open the signed contract with a PDF file format program, like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
In the top left corner of an electronically signed document, you’ll see a green highlighted icon, confirming that all signatures are correct.

Let’s say you sign a document with a qualified signature. The signature panel or Signature Ownership section will indicate that a certificate has been issued for the qualified signature, with the signatory’s name and which authorised party issued it.

In the case of SIGNIUS Professional, it’s EuroCert registered in the European Register of Approved Trust Service Providers.

A valid certificate won’t be issued for an advanced signature. In this case, signature issuer is the company that provides the solution. In the case of the SIGNIUS Professional platform, this will be SIGNIUS S.A. – and it is on our systems where the material linking the person using the platform and signing to their data is stored.

Identity verification

Do I have to verify my identity every time I sign a document?

It’s a one-time process when you use a qualified signature or advanced signature with a KYC identification. In advanced signatures, the signer is verified via email and SMS.

We’ll verify your identity before you sign the first document or when your details change:
– ID or a phone number – in case of video verification
– your name or telephone number – if you have chosen the electronic banking identification method.

As long as your details haven’t changed, you can sign documents after initial, one-time identity verification.

Is my personal data safe after identity verification?

Data is stored securely and encrypted and is not transferred to anyone. Due to the fact that we operate in Poland and Europe, personal data does not go beyond the European Economic Area and is not transferred to so-called third countries. All information on data storage and processing is described in the privacy policy, which can be found at:

Is there a waiting time for a video verification call?

The connection usually happens instantly. Depending on the situation, it might take a few minutes, but not more than five. Reconnect, if it takes more than 5 minutes.

Identity verification: how does it work?

The first time you sign a document on SIGNIUS Professional or you get an email invitation to sign a document from someone else – whether it’s a qualified or advanced signature with KYC identification – you’ll be redirected to initial identity verification.

The advanced signature with KYC identification lets you verify your details – through your online banking (i.e. your first and last name) or video verification.

To get qualified signature, you have to go through a one-time video verification. Before you start, make sure you have your proof of identity – a valid ID card or passport – ready.

You will also have to take photos of the front and back of the document before the video call.

Verification involves showing the document on a computer or smartphone screen to the verifying person and checking the document’s security features, like:

– The hologram
– Depending on the document, there could be a moving flag or dates.

To complete it, you’ll need to enter a code sent by SMS on the screen.

Video verification is quick – it takes about 10 minutes.

Is there a way to convince the customer to identity verification online?

These are some tips on what to say or write in an email.

Verifying your identity is secure, one-time, and takes a while. Plus, it’s all done online. You just need a computer with a camera and microphone, an ID card, and a phone to identify yourself.

KYC (Know Your Customer) / AML (Anti-Money Laundering) processes also eliminate fraud and illegal activity risks.

The onboarding process for clients is instant thanks to remote verification. You can get straight to the agreed-upon activities.

Can video verification be used for foreigners?

Our service is available in all EU countries and most non-EU as well. For some countries, we only verify passports.
OVDs (optically variable devices) are required for this.
You can verify your identity in Polish, English, German, Ukrainian, and Russian right now.

It’s one time process and it’s price is included in the signature package price.

Re-verification is needed in three cases only:
– You changde the phone number when you signed up,
– The email address you used when you created your account has changed,
– Your ID card expired or changed.

Video verification currently takes place from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. except on public holidays.

Document archiving

How long do signed documents are stored on the platform? Is it possible to download them later?

By logging into your account, you can download the signed document anytime. It’s also a good idea to download the document and store it separately, for example on your disk or in a cloud service.

How does the person invited to sign a document on the SIGNIUS platform access it? What's the location of such a document? For how long will it be available?

At any time, you have the option to view the document submitted for signature directly on the platform or, if you prefer, you can download and store it on your disk or in the cloud at any time.
If you choose the solution as an implementation via API – this is a process directly agreed with the customer.