It’s time for telecom companies to use e-signature

Do you know that 55% of your customers will use electronic signatures to process contracts? Get instant sign ups for your system before your competition does!

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SIGNIUS for telecoms

Now you can sign and seal documents in minutes, and you can identify your signers online with just a few clicks.

It’s easier and faster to manage electronic documents, and you’re guaranteed full legal protection.

Our solution is available in several implementation options and can be integrated with your existing systems (e.g. DMS, ERP, CMS).

SIGNIUS in telecom practice

Customer service

  • verification of the signer’s identity instantly
  • Sign from any device (phone, tablet, computer)
  • a guarantee of legal force, integrity, and authenticity
  • keep track of submitted and pending signatures
  • annexes to contracts can be signed remotely
  • transferring documents from the client to the service provider is reliable

Company documents

  • signing contracts, regulations, and offers remotely (including mass signing)
  • various types of documents sealed electronically
  • easy keeping track of documents
  • e-invoicing for B2B
  • part-year reports and annual financial statements approved remotely
  • tax settlements handled electronically


  • archival documents are accessible anywhere
  • documents that don’t tamper
  • e-archives preserve long-term contracts’ evidential value
  • time stamps make it easy to organize archives

SIGNIUS solutions for telecom

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