What freelancers need to know about online signing

If you are self-employed, your contract is often a key issue. Failure to pay attention to it, delays in signing, may be the subject of a dispute or result in the loss of the order.
Signing agreements online is a great solution for conscious freelancers and solo entrepreneurs.

Remote signing is a really small investment and the cost is paid back very quickly. It’s also a great way to keep protected against dishonesty of those commissioning work.

Take a look at an example.

Chris is a graphic designer. He gets a lucrative order to create a poster for an event. But time goes by, and signing the contract “is just a formality,” so he agrees to get started on it before it’s formal. He makes a poster, but clients change it a lot.

In his regular contract, he’s paid extra for the third round. Despite that, the client ignores this provision, explaining the contract is still being checked and, besides, the client doesn’t like Chris work so he’s afraid of getting paid.

Freelancers can be protected by e-signature

When you’re working alone, both the quality of the agreement and the process matter a lot. Remote signing not only helps organize and protect work, but also makes it more valuable to work together. When choosing a contractor, clear, transparent rules are often a big factor – do we work with this person or another?

If the agreement needs to be sent, it’s easier to do it digitally than to print, scan, and mail it. Online signing is also useful if you don’t provide services every day, but occasionally need to agree.

For the self-employed - SIGNNIUS Professional

You can create a remote work environment with SIGNIUS Professional, which is designed for the self-employed. You can open your own free account and start right away. We have the option of choosing who covers the signature cost – us or our client. It also lets you store and share agreements.

Here’s what you get:

  • Easy-to-use platform for signing documents remotely in one minute
  • A minimum of formalities for signing
  • The agreements get done faster, so projects get done faster and payment gets to you faster
  • Notifications by email when each party completes the agreement
  • Save time and make money faster

Are you curious about how SIGNIUS Professional works? You can do this for free. It only takes a few minutes to set up a free account, which lets you use 10 advanced signatures. From within the app, you can get any of the signature packages.

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