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Without a doubt, efficiency and security are now becoming the cornerstones of a successful business. One of the key tools that speed up processes and become increasingly popular are applications that allow qualified and advanced electronic signatures to be executed fully remotely.

This is exactly what SIGNIUS can offer you and your business partners – a high-tech and intuitive platform designed for electronic document signing.

Versatility, accessibility, flexibility

The SIGNIUS Professional platform offers flexible 24/7 access, allowing documents to be signed on a variety of devices, regardless of operating system or location. Since our intention is to enable you and your customers to sign documents anytime and anywhere with ease.

Additionally, the platform is available in 5 languages (Polish, English, German, Ukrainian, Swedish), with the possibility of using both types of electronic signatures – qualified and advanced.

What’s more, you can easily log in to SIGNIUS with your credentials or use a Google or Office365 account. It is also possible to sign documents without setting up an account at SIGNIUS at all. This option is available to our Business Clients.

Our Business Clients also have a wide range of possibilities to personalize the interface and the signing process itself – that allows to tailor the application exactly to their needs. Branding the platform involves customizing the interface’s color scheme, logo, and even a specific domain name to host it at.


Another key functionality of the SIGNIUS Professional platform is its ability to integrate with existing business systems such as CRM, DMS, BPM, e-file, SharePoint, accounting or document management systems. As a result, the signing process becomes part of the company’s operational structure.

SIGNIUS digital signatures have already been implemented (via REST API or on-premise) in large, small and medium-sized companies from various sectors: IT, banking and finance, insurance, HR, telecommunications, medical care and many others.

Identity verifications

The SIGNIUS Professional platform allows you to choose the form of identity verification, such as video-verification, selfie verification or electronic banking – depending on the type of electronic signature you choose. In addition, we can integrate another selected method of identity verification at your request.

As a provider of online signing services, we know very well that every company has its specific requirements. Therefore, we can incorporate for you any additional option, such as: ability to sign all documents at once, SMS verification of a user before signing and many others.


SIGNIUS application not only saves you time and costs, but increases security and legality of document processes. It also enables automation, significantly improves customer relations and increases the efficiency of business operations.

The flexibility that our platform offers is key to our customers’ satisfaction. One of our most appreciated assets is precisely the wide range of functionalities that we can tailor individually to your company’s needs.

Don’t hesitate and choose SIGNIUS Professional platform as the best solution for your business.

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