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Electronic signatures in the form of VOUCHERS

We have opened a brand new form of selling electronic signatures to make them available to everyone. Need to quickly sign documents online with others? Your business partner or employee doesn’t have a qualified signature and it is required? Nothing simpler! Here you have access to electronic signatures (qualified and advanced) in the form of VOUCHERS – whenever you need them. You can buy signatures both for yourself and for your contractors or employees, so that you can sign documents with them even faster online. This is an absolute newcomer to the electronic signature market!

How does it work?

Electronic signatures in the SHOP are sold in the form of VOUCHERS for use on the SIGNIUS platform. Each VOUCHER is a one-time activation code, which you will receive immediately after purchase to your e-mail address, together with short activation instructions.

You can choose from several qualified and advanced signature packages differing in the number of signatures and validity period – from a package of 5 qualified signatures for 24 hours to annual packages for 1,200 signatures.

Why is it worth it?

  1. Flexibility
    You can buy as many VOUCHERS as you like and use them as and when required. This is perfect for companies that want to sign documents online and need electronic signatures for both themselves and their business partners or employees. When you buy signatures for others, you simply give them an activation code that you will receive by email. When they use it, they will not incur any signing costs.
  2. Identity verification included in the price
    For qualified signatures, online identity verification is included in the package price, meaning that you will not have to pay extra for this essential part of the process. Identity verification takes place remotely and immediately, you do not need to make an appointment for it, we carry it out in the process of signing the document.
  3. Time stamp and electronic seal
    We apply a qualified time stamp and a qualified electronic seal to all signatures, ensuring a fully secure service.
  4. Trustability
    Signatures on our platform are created using the LTV/LTA standard – allowing for long-term validation. This means that even after many years (including after your certificate has expired), they will be verified correctly.
  5. Compliance with regulations
    Our service is fully compliant with the European Union eIDAS Regulation, which means that your electronic signatures will be accepted throughout the European Union.
  6. Convenience
    Buy your signatures quickly and conveniently by selecting one of the many payment methods available. You will receive activation codes immediately after purchase to your email address – you can use them for your own purposes or pass them on to others. Activating a code is extremely easy – you simply enter it into a dedicated field on the platform and it’s done.

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