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Today’s financial industry is constantly looking for new safety-enhancing technological solutions. One of such innovation, which is becoming an increasingly important in the processes of digital document sealing and financial electronic transaction authorization is the qualified electronic seal (QSeal). It is also used to authenticate documents online, so that they do not need to be printed, which improves document workflows within the company.

Read our post and learn what is a qualified electronic seal and how can be used in the financial industry.

What is a qualified electronic seal?

A digital seal is an electronic “stamp” of an organisation. Technically, it is data in electronic form (seal) attached to electronic documents in order to guarantee its authenticity and immutability. It serves as proof that a document has been issued by a legal entity and provides assurance of its origin. Which means that when using the seal, you are certifying on behalf of the company, not as an individual.

The qualified electronic seal offered by SIGNIUS is a real breakthrough that makes work easier and faster.

The QSeal together with the Sealing Server (software) and QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device), creates a comprehensive solution that handles bulk sealing – up to 30 million documents per hour.

Furthermore with SIGNIUS you can fully personalize the seal’s appearance (graphical representation of a seal) and be certain that it is used only by authorized individuals in your company.

The financial business in particular, not only for the convenience of its customers, but also because of regulations, should consider to implement that sort of solution as a good practice.

Qualified electronic seal in the financial sector

The examples of the qualified electronic seal use in the financial industry have been listed below:

  • electronic sealing of credit promises, investment agreements,
  • mass automated sealing of turnover confirmations, balances, notifications,
  • electronic sealing of contracts and financial documents,
  • management of customer records (sealing of electronic contracts, applications or identification documents),
  • security and authorization of financial transactions,
  • electronic archiving and data storage.

The use of a qualified electronic seal should be considered in B2B cooperation, as well as with public administration institutions.

Secure your documents with a qualified electronic seal

The electronic qualified seal as the digital equivalent of a company stamp is a comprehensive, legally binding solution. The qualified electronic seal offered by SIGNIUS meets the requirements of the European eIDAS Regulation, so it is legally binding in all EU Member States and beyond.

Our end-to-end fully automated solution together with a dedicated stamping system and QSCD enables sealing millions of documents. Furthermore a qualified electronic seal provides the highest degree of credibility for B2B and B2C transactions signifying their undeniable and unquestionable conclusion.

In addition, it provides protection against forgery  as it is based on advanced cryptographic methods, which makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit. That is why, it provides an extra layer of protection against any attempts at fraud or impersonation.

Introducing a qualified electronic seal to your company can significantly reduce the need for traditional paper documents and bureaucracy and can speed up financial transactions.

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