Platform development

What's new on the platform



March 2024

  • Filtering, sorting and searching for documents to find the files you need without having to search through multiple folders, e.g. by status, date of document addition.



November 2023

  • LTA validation: When adding documents, the user is informed of positive or negative LTA validation of signatures previously placed on documents or the absence of previous signatures
  • Display of a warning indicating that by selecting a graphical representation of the signature in the form of the last additional page of the document, previous signatures on the document will be removed
  • Introduction of a graphical signature representation option for documents added to the signature in bulk (multiupload)
  • Improved visibility of the two document list views in the folder with information about the new functionality in the form of a tooltip


September 2023

  • Multidoc: a new, more compact look inside a folder (presentation of documents in a folder) on your PC
  • Signing multiple documents in the background: you can now sign multiple documents at the same time without interrupting your work
  • Signing multiple documents in the background with continuing work on the portal: you can now sign multiple documents simultaneously and continue using the platform without interrupting the current signing process
  • Improvements in the preview of employee folders for the Business Customer Administrator
  • Adjusted file size for Business Customers: now the Business Customer can select the maximum file size for uploading
  • AAutomatic ticking of recurring invoices when purchasing a subscription
  • New location for previewing employee folders + information tooltip ("tutorial"): a tooltip informs Business Customer Administrators of a change in the location where employee folder previews can be found


July 2023

  • Preview of document statuses visible from folders: we have introduced a preview of the statuses of the documents in folders, which are marked with orange and green dots - the colours of the dots are consistent with the colours of the document statuses
  • New refreshed design of the data confirmation screen (displayed before signing the document)
  • Ability to choose a graphical representation of your signature on the screen before the final signing of the document
  • Custom graphics as a graphical representation of the signature: now you can add your own graphic which is a graphic representation of your signature on the document (this can be, for example, a facsimile of your signature)
  • Automatic monitoring of the document signing process with Advanced Signature (AdES) with the option of SMS notifications in the event of errors


May 2023

  • Ability to log in and create an account on the platform via Google and Office365
  • Possibility of signing more than 100 documents at the same time
  • Independent selection of the location of the graphic representation of the signature when signing a single document


April 2023

  • New, clearer appearance of documents in the folder on mobile devices
  • Billing generation for business customers


March 2023

  • Improvements to the Business Customer panel:
    a) The account administrator can delete a user (employee) account from their team
    b) The account administrator can choose whether documents should be stored for 30 days or deleted - the setting applies to all users in a given Business Customer team
  • Use of the PAdES B-T signature standard as an alternative to the LTA signature standard in the case of documents previously signed outside the platform that did not pass validation when uploaded to the portal


February 2023

  • Automatic prompts for SMS codes to be entered on mobile phones when signing documents
  • Increase in the limit on the number of document signers depending on the type of selected graphic representation of signatures:
    a) No graphic representation - unlimited number of co-signers
    b) Visualisation on the first page of the document - max. 8 co-signers
    c) Additional page at the end of the document - max 12 co-signers


January 2023

  • Optimisation of the video verification process: in order to shorten the process, we have introduced a screen with a form for users to enter their details themselves before a conversation with a Video Consultant
  • Option to send an email with a link to download the signed document to users not registered on the platform
  • Increase of allowed number of characters in the email address of the person invited to sign