§ 1.

SIGNIUS S.A. – SIGNIUS SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA with its registered office in Poznań at Mielżyńskiego 20/5a (61-725), for which the registration files are kept by the District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Economic Department, holding KRS number: 0000802318, NIP: 7812001832, REGON: 384540150, e-mail address:; telephone number: +48 61 415 22 12, being the Seller and the owner of the Store.

Customer Service Office – means a separate organisational unit of the Seller, the purpose of which is to contact the Customer in order to agree the terms of service or to deal with complaints. The Customer Service Office is available to the Customer on working days from 10:00 to 18:00 at the telephone number: +48 61 415 22 12 and at the e-mail address:

Price list – the price list for Electronic Signature Vouchers available at

Working Days – weekdays from Monday to Friday excluding Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays in the Republic of Poland.

Customer – a natural person of full legal age who has full legal capacity or a legal person or organisational unit to which specific provisions grant legal capacity, who makes a purchase in the Store.

Signius Platform – the online platform available at, and belonging to SIGNIUS S.A., where the Customer may redeem a Voucher purchased from the Store.

Electronic Signature – an electronic signature that can be obtained through the Signius Platform, and for which the Customer can purchase Vouchers from the Store. The types of Electronic Signatures are listed on the Shop’s website (e.g. in the Price List) and on the Signius Platform.

Rules and Regulations – this document regulating, in particular, the types and scope of services provided electronically in the Store, the terms and conditions for the provision of services electronically, the terms and conditions for the conclusion and termination of agreements for the provision of services electronically, the terms and conditions for placing orders, their completion, the conclusion of sales agreements, the procedure for complaints, and any possible appendices to this document, mentioned in its content, constituting its integral part.

Shop – a platform for placing orders and purchasing Electronic Signature Vouchers available at, operated by SIGNIUS S.A.

Consumer Rights Act – the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights.

Voucher – a unique code that can be purchased in the Store, issued by SIGNIUS S.A. to bearer, which enables the activation of a selected package of Electronic Signatures on the Signius Platform available at Each voucher is a unique code for which a specific Electronic Signature package selected at the time of purchasing the voucher can be realised on the Signius Platform.

§ 2.

  1. The Internet shop available at the following Internet addresses:, and is run by SIGNIUS S.A. The Shop website may also be accessible from other Internet addresses.
  2. The Customer may contact SIGNIUS S.A. via:
    1. phone: +48 61 415 29 00,
    2. e-mail:
    3. by letter to the address: Mielżyńskiego Street 20/5a, 61-725Poznań,
    4. online chat available at
  3. These Regulations set out, inter alia:
    a. the principles, types and scope of services provided electronically through the Store,
    b. terms and conditions for placing orders, their execution, concluding sales agreements,
    c. terms and conditions of providing services electronically through the Shop, including the technical requirements necessary for the cooperation with the ICT system used by SIGNIUS S.A. and the prohibition on the provision of unlawful content by the recipient,
    d. terms of conclusion and termination of agreements on the provision of services electronically through the Store complaint procedure.
  4. The Customer is obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions and generally applicable laws, in particular it is prohibited to place on the pages of the Shop any unlawful content, including content inciting racial, ethnic or religious hatred, containing pornographic content, praising fascism, Nazism, communism, promoting violence, offending religious feelings, violating the rights of others, including in particular copyright, etc., which may violate the rights of a third party.
  5. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Customer who is a natural person declares that he/she is a person of full legal age and has full legal capacity.

§ 3.

  1. Through the Shop SIGNIUS S.A. enables the Customer to purchase Vouchers for Electronic Signatures to be used on the Signius Platform, in particular it enables the Customer to place orders for Vouchers and to execute these orders, to conclude sales agreements for Vouchers and to browse the content placed in the Shop.
  2. It is possible to purchase a Voucher in the Store, for Electronic Signatures of the type selected by the Customer. When purchasing a Voucher, the Customer selects the specific type of Electronic Signature for which the Voucher is purchased. The purchased Voucher for Electronic Signatures can only be redeemed on the Signius Platform available at, and
  3. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. The voucher can be redeemed until the end of the calendar year following the calendar year in which the purchase was made, starting from the date of sale. The voucher can only be redeemed during its validity period.
  5. SIGNIUS S.A. is not responsible for the loss or deletion of the Voucher and is not obliged to re-send the Voucher code. SIGNIUS S.A. shall not be liable for the use of the Voucher by a person who came into possession of it unlawfully, or for loss or damage to the Voucher for a reason beyond the Publisher’s control after it has been provided to the Purchaser.
  6. Should the Customer wish to receive an invoice for the Voucher purchased, they must tick the relevant check box on the order form and complete the relevant invoice data.
  7. The rules related to the provision of services in the form of Electronic Signatures are contained in the relevant regulations available on the Signius Platform.

§ 4.

  1. In order to properly use the Shop, at least the following technical requirements are necessary:
    a. connection to the Internet,
    b. having a device which makes it possible to use the resources of the Internet,
    c. a web browser: Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Safari – in the latest version, supporting cookie technology,
    d. active electronic mail account (e-mail),
    e. mobile phone with the function of receiving SMS messages.
  2. The use of the Shop may depend on the installation of Java, Java Script software and acceptance of cookies.
  3. In particular, the Customer is obliged to:
    a. to use the Store in such a way as not to interfere with its operation, in particular by using specific software or devices, and in a manner that is not onerous for other Customers and the Seller,
    b. not to send or place within the Shop any commercial information that has not been requested by SIGNIUS S.A. (spam),
    c. to use any content placed in the Online Shop and on only for own personal use,
    d. not to provide or transmit content prohibited by law, in particular content propagating violence, defamatory or violating personal rights and other rights of third parties,
    e. to use the Shop in a manner compliant with generally applicable laws, the provisions of the Rules and Regulations and with the general principles of Internet use.

§ 5.

  1. On the Shop’s website visible are the available Electronic Signatures for which the Customer may purchase a Voucher for activation on the Signius Platform by placing an order and making a payment. Placing an order follows the instructions given in the course of the purchase path. The Customer placing an order to purchase a Voucher is obliged to provide true, complete information and data required by SIGNIUS S.A. otherwise SIGNIUS S.A. reserves the right to refuse to sell the Voucher.
  2. An order is submitted to the Seller by the Customer in electronic form and constitutes an offer to conclude a contract of sale for the vouchers which are the subject of that order. An offer made in electronic form binds the Customer if the Seller sends a confirmation of purchase in the form of an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer, which constitutes the Seller’s statement of acceptance of the Customer’s offer, and upon receipt of this confirmation by the Customer a contract of sale is concluded. On the basis of this contract, digital content within the meaning of Article 2(5) of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights in the form of a Voucher is delivered.
  3. Upon conclusion of the contract, the Customer is obliged to make payment. The payment must be made immediately after the conclusion of the contract. Once the Customer has made the payment, he/she shall receive an email confirming the payment, followed by an email with the code number of the purchased Voucher and instructions for its activation on the Signius Platform. The fulfilment of the service by SIGNIUS S.A., i.e. the sending of the email with the Voucher, will take place immediately after the payment is credited.

§ 6.

  1. The Customer who is a consumer within the meaning of Article 22(1) of the Civil Code, i.e. a natural person making a legal transaction with an entrepreneur which is not directly related to his/her economic or professional activity, as well as a Customer who is a natural person concluding a contract directly related to his/her economic activity, when it results from the content of this contract that it does not have a professional character for this person, resulting in particular from the subject of his/her economic activity (hereinafter referred to as the “Consumer Customer”), who concluded the contract remotely, has the right to withdraw from it within 14 days from the date of its conclusion without stating any reason and without bearing any costs.
  2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer Customer shall submit to SIGNIUS S.A. a declaration of withdrawal from the contract concluded with SIGNIUS S.A. The statement may be submitted on the withdrawal form, which form constitutes Attachment No. 1 to the Regulations – click to view. The declaration of withdrawal may be sent by the Consumer Customer to SIGNIUS S.A. by e-mail to the e-mail address
  3. In order to meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for the Consumer Customer to send the withdrawal statement to SIGNIUS S.A. before the expiry of the withdrawal deadline.
  4. Reimbursement of payments shall be made using the same method of payment that was used by the Consumer Customer in the original transaction, unless the Consumer Customer has expressly agreed otherwise.

§ 7.

  1. SIGNIUS S.A. shall be liable for the lack of conformity of the goods with the agreement existing at the time of their delivery and disclosed within two years from that time – towards the Customer who is a consumer and towards the Customer who is a natural person concluding a contract directly related to his/her business activity, if it results from the content of the contract that it does not have a professional character for that person, resulting in particular from the subject of his/her business activity.
  2. The Seller shall be liable to the Customer who is not a consumer if the sold thing has a defect (warranty). The Seller shall be liable under the warranty if a physical defect is discovered before the expiry of two years from the delivery of the item to the Customer.
  3. Complaints should be made by sending an e-mail to
  4. The complaint should include at least: the Customer’s e-mail, name, surname, telephone number – given in the order form, as well as a detailed description of the reservations and reason for complaint and the expected manner of resolving the matter.
  5. In the event that the data or information provided in the complaint needs to be supplemented, in order for the Customer’s complaint to be considered properly, SIGNIUS S.A. may request the Customer submitting the complaint to supplement it to the extent and by the date indicated, before proceeding to consider the complaint.
  6. SIGNIUS S.A. shall consider the complaint within 14 days from the day of its receipt in a correct and complete form or on time.
  7. In connection with the consideration of the complaint and the determination of whether the lack of conformity of the digital content with the agreement is due to the characteristics of the Customer’s digital environment, the Customer undertakes to cooperate with the Vendor in this respect. The Vendor shall take all measures to make this co-operation as inconvenient as possible for the Customer.

§ 8.

  1. The customer will be informed of the amount of the fee before it is incurred. The price list of products in the Store is available at
  2. All prices referred to in paragraph 1 of this section may be given in Polish zloty or Euro and are total prices, i.e. they include all components such as taxes, including VAT.
  3. Payments are made via the electronic payment system. To make payments through the electronic payment system, SIGNIUS S.A. uses external payment service providers. In order to make a payment, the Customer may be redirected to the website of the selected provider. Before making a payment, the Customer should each time familiarise himself/herself with the payment provider’s terms of service and the content of the consents requested by the provider.
  4. If the Customer selects the Check Box “I want to receive an invoice” and correctly enters the required data, the Customer will receive an invoice for the data provided, electronically sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.

§ 9.

  1. The Customer’s personal data shall be processed by SIGNIUS S.A.
  2. Detailed information on the processing of personal data is available in the privacy policy – click to view.

§ 10.

  1. All copyrights to the content of the Shop belong to SIGNIUS S.A. and are subject to legal protection.
  2. SIGNIUS S.A. stipulates that all materials available in the Shop (in particular graphics, texts, photos) are protected in particular by the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights. The Customer has the right to use them only within the framework of permitted personal use. Copying, multiplication, distribution and other forms of using the materials placed in the Shop beyond the limits permitted by law is prohibited.

§ 11.

  1. SIGNIUS S.A. informs that customers who are consumers have the possibility of resolving disputes electronically through the European Union ODR online platform for filing complaints and enforcing claims related to their contracts – the platform is located at: Consumers can also use the assistance of a consumer ombudsman or non-governmental organisations acting on behalf of consumers. More information can be found on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (
  2. In the case of Customers who are not Consumers, any disputes related to these Regulations shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of SIGNIUS S.A.
  3. In all matters not regulated in the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights, the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services and other relevant provisions of commonly applicable law shall apply.
  4. If any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall be or become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable in any respect, this circumstance shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions thereof.
  5. SIGNIUS S.A. reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions in the event of an important reason, including in particular:
    1) a change in generally applicable laws or a change in the interpretation of laws by authorised bodies, or the issuance of binding recommendations or recommendations by competent bodies, which changes will affect the content of the Terms and Conditions, which consequently requires the Terms and Conditions to be adjusted to such change in laws, their interpretation or recommendations and recommendations,
    2) in order to remove any ambiguities or doubts as to the interpretation of the content of the Rules and Regulations, in particular those reported by Clients, including the correction of obvious mistakes or typing errors,
    3) in order to expand or change the existing Store functionalities or to add new Store functionalities,
    4) in order to ensure the safety of Customers, including in particular the need to prevent abuse,
    5) changes due to technical or technological reasons,
    6) occurrence of force majeure circumstances understood as an external event, independent of the will of SIGNIUS S.A. or the Customers.
  6. The Customer will be informed of the change to the Terms and Conditions by e-mail sent at least 7 days before the amended Terms and Conditions come into force.
  7. If the Customer does not accept the new content of the Rules and Regulations, he/she has the right to terminate the agreement with SIGNIUS S.A. within 14 days of being informed of the change to the Rules and Regulations.
  8. Integral parts of the Regulations are:
    a) Privacy Policy;
    b) Attachment No. 1 – Agreement Withdrawal Form – click to view;
  9. The Terms and Conditions are effective from 23.08.2023.