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What SIGNIUS changes in the retail sector?

Automate contracts with suppliers and service providers, franchise contracts, personnel documents, even social security and tax office documents.

As a result, you increase productivity and focus on tasks that will help your business grow.

Use the most powerful online tools to cut down on paperwork.

What you can improve

Processing of contracts

  • franchise contracts and addenda signed remotely
  • contracts with suppliers and service providers can be approved remotely
  • confirmed the identity of each counterparty

Commercial documents

  • contracts signed remotely and immediately
  • verification of all parties’ identities
  • efficiently distribute electronic documents at different decision-making levels
  • keeping long-term contracts in an electronic archive for evidence
  • time stamps make archive documents easy to find

Administrative and HR processes

  • e-invoicing
  • approval of internal reports and financial statements electronic processing of tax and social security documents
  • signing employees contracts, leaves, holiday requests, business trips and other HR documents remotely
  • bulk signing of tax return forms
  • electronic signing of payroll

SIGNIUS solutions for retail

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