Key solution benefits

Turnkey solution
for electronic sealing

The Qualified Electronic Seal (Q Seal) is an electronic signature of a legal person, i.e. a company or an public authority. Only qualified seals meet the highest legal requirements. Together with qualified digital time stamps, documents provided with qualified electronic signatures or seals achieve the rank of highest assurance.

SIGNIUS offers a complete turnkey solution that enables the sealing of more than 30 million documents per hour with qualified electronic seals in a local and fully on-premise deployment model: the so-called Qualified Local Mass Sealing (QLMS) – fully compliant with the European Regulation eIDAS.

SIGNIUS Seal is the only qualified electronic sealing solution with unlimited volume license model and on-premise deployment.

Most common use cases

Find out where SIGNIUS Seal can successfully support you.

  • Electronic invoices, bills, order and delivery confirmations
  • Mass documentation e.g. notifications, bank statements, policies etc.
  • Official notifications and certificates
  • Legal documents (e.g. legal acts)
  • Official company documents (financial reports, fiats, statutes)
  • Contracts and commercial offers
  • Electronic correspondence (smart scanning with document integrity confirmation)
  • PSD2 Services

Accelarate digitalization and go paperless with an eIDAS-compliant qualified sealing solution.


  • Enables mass sealing of up to 30 million signatures per hour with the highest degree of automation
  • Provides the highest level of assurance, non-repudiation, authenticity and integrity of sealed documents
  • Prevents fraud and corporate identity forgery
  • Supports and accelerates digital transformation
  • Allows for significant cost and time savings thanks to automatization and paperless process (no printing, no physical distribution nor archiving)
  • Supports environment protection – allows your company to become paperless and eco-friendly
  • Allows your organization to replace poor performing legacy smart cards and card reading devices

  • Operates independently from remote service providers (QTSPs)

  • Sealing of documents without volume based fees charged by Trust Service Provider is now possible
  • On-premise setup guarantees the highest level of privacy and compliance with GDPR

  • eIDAS certified and tamper-proof Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD)
  • Offers wide support for various Document Management, CRM and ERP systems
  • Extremely flexible integration with existing signature solutions guaranteed
  • Legal compliance recognized in the EU and beyond
  • Long term archiving and Qualified Time Stamping available upon request


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