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Today, the majority of official documents still involve printing, scanning, or faxing papers manually. That is why, digital signing can have a profound impact on governments, transforming the way they operate and interact with citizens.

Reasons to become an e-Government 

Here are some key takeaways on how digital signatures can influence governments:

Paperless Processes

Digital signatures enable governments to transition to paperless workflows, eliminating the need for physical document handling and storage. This improves efficiency, reduces administrative costs, and promotes environmental sustainability.

Streamlined Services

Online solutions such as signing platforms enable governments to offer online services that require signatures, such as tax filings, permit applications, government contracts etc. Citizens can securely sign and submit these documents electronically, simplifying the process and saving time for both citizens and government agencies.

Enhanced Security and Integrity

Digital signatures provide governments with a secure method to authenticate the identity of individuals and verify the integrity of documents. This ensures that government transactions and communications remain tamper-proof. In addition, reduces the risk of fraud and ensures trust in digital interactions.

Improved Citizen Experience

Electronic signing makes it easier for citizens to interact with government services. They can sign and submit forms electronically from anywhere and at any time. This eliminates the need for physical visits or documents mailing. Resulting in enhancing convenience, speeding up processes, and improving overall citizen satisfaction.

Efficient Compliance and Auditing

Governments often require signatures for compliance purposes, such as legal agreements, regulatory filings, and contracts. Digital signatures automate and streamline compliance processes, making it easier for government agencies to track and audit signed documents, ensuring regulatory adherence.

Secure Identity Verification

Digital signatures can be integrated with secure identity verification systems, such as digital identity platforms. This enables governments to establish trusted digital identities for citizens, enhancing online authentication and access to government services while mitigating identity theft and fraud risks.

Inter-Government Collaboration

Modern online solutions facilitate seamless collaboration and information exchange between government departments at different levels. Electronic signatures enable the secure and efficient signing of interagency agreements, and other official documents, promoting cooperation and information sharing.

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Governments play a crucial role in establishing legal and regulatory frameworks that recognize the validity and enforceability of digital signatures. By implementing supportive laws and regulations, governments can instill confidence in the use of digital signatures and promote their widespread adoption across public and private sectors.

Start digital transformation with SIGNIUS

To sum up, electronic signatures empower governments to digitize processes, enhance security, and provide efficient and citizen-centric services. They contribute to streamlined operations, improved governance, and increased transparency, making government-citizen interactions more seamless and efficient.

Now imagine you have everything you need within your reach. End-to-end review and approval process that let citizens or employees verify their identity online and sign forms and other documents 100% remotely – welcome to SIGNIUS.

Check what SIGNIUS has to offer

  • A user-friendly platform for electronic signing (advanced and qualified signatures – available online, via API or on-premises).
  • Compliance of the service with the EU eIDAS regulation.
  • Availibility of qualified electronic sealing and time stamping (QTimeStamp).
  • LTA (long-term signature validation) compliance and timestamp added to qualified signatures as a standard (at no extra charge).
  • A range of remote and KYC-compliant identity verification methods to choose from.
  • Possibility to sign multiple documents with a single SMS code.

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