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You can now create a free account and log in to SIGNIUS platform with Google or Office 365 account. Start signing documents remotely – faster and more comfortable. You absolutely have to give it a try! It’s also worth mentioning that SIGNIUS is the only signing platform in Poland which enables users this type of logging.

Microsoft Office 365, Google & SSO

SSO (Single Sign-On) is a secure login that eliminates the need of remembering multiple passwords. With just one set of credentials, you can log in to various applications, now including SIGNIUS platform.

SSO with Active Directory credentials

SSO makes it easy to log in to your accounts with Active Directory credentials, eliminating the need to enter them multiple times. Simply log on to your computer to access all applications, including SIGNIUS. This allows you to start signing documents online even faster.

Benefits of SSO login

Firstly, SSO login allows to go through a single authentication which saves your time. Secondly, SSO login enhances security. Why? Because you are authenticated as secure, and the multiple passwords that would have to be  remembered while logging into each application separately are not vulnerable to theft. What’s more, SSO supports logins across all domains you are accessing.

The entire login process is also much more convenient. That’s why we decided to implement this feature on SIGNIUS platform, making it easier and faster to set up an account and log in.

System administrators also see SSO as a positive solution. Combined with multi-component authentication, SSO provides an effective solution to the time, and security associated with multiple user logins.

SSO login at SIGNIUS

SSO login through Office 365 available on SIGNIUS platform, will also facilitate the onboarding and offboarding of employees who need to sign documents immediately.

Whether you’re creating a new account or logging into an existing one, everything now becomes even simpler and faster. No more remembering and typing passwords. Discover new possibilities on our platform:

Enjoy the convenience and security of signing documents online with us.