MyID and SIGNIUS joint solution

Joint technology solution from MyID and SIGNIUS offers turnkey, secure, cost-effective and easy to use digital signing and identity management platform that organisations, governments and customers expect today:

  • Seamless, automated user on-boarding integrating with your current infrastructure
  • Signing of electronic documents for customers, citizens, employees and business partners
  • Simple to use, intuitive, user-centric processes
  • Strongest forms of multi-factor authentication
  • Cloud and on-premise availability
  • Unrivalled flexibility and technology independence
  • Modern and open architecture for flexible customisation and quickest integration with other systems
  • eIDAS certified and tamper-proof Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD)


MyID credential management enables finance, public and private enterprises to issue and manage secure digital identities. Those identities are now fully integrated with the SIGNIUS remote signing platform which allows organisations to sign documents and agreements fully digital and legally binding.

Users can be easily onboarded to MyID and given a secure, centrally managed mobile based credential. MyID will authorise the user’s access to SIGNIUS ensuring the identity of the user performing the digital signing. User credentials are being managed centrally and are instantly available to access the signing platform. Signing operations are also confirmed by utilising the MyID mobile authentication client.

Who is the solution for?

  • Governments and authorities who wish to extend their digital identity solutions by a central signing platform for their employees and citizens
  • Governments who wish to deploy PKI-based digital identities to citizens with highly customisable document signing process in one set up

  • Governments who wish to digitally enable their citizen service
  • Organisations who need a flexible platform to adapt to existing business processes and integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Enterprises who are looking for a cost effective, fully integrated and eIDAS compliant digital signing platform

Key solution benefits

Flexible deployment options

We offer a couple of flexible deployment options to meet your business needs:

  • On-premise deployment supported
  • Private cloud managed by MyID and SIGNIUS
  • Hybrid model (for ex. AD & CA hosted by the customer and 2FA and singing process provided by MyID and SIGNIUS)

Solution Brief and free DEMO

Download our joint Solution Brief to learn more about the most secure, cost-effective and intuitive digital signing and identity management platform designed fo governments and enterprises.

Download Solution Brief

Do you wish to extend the current digital identity solutions by a central signing platform for your employees or citizens?  Or, maybe you need a cost effective, fully integrated and eIDAS compliant digital signing platform? Whatever your need is, our specialists will advice you about the right solution. Contact us to request a free solution DEMO and consultation.

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