Qualified and advanced signatures in 1 place

SIGNIUS Professional is a modern and comprehensive platform for instant signing of documents on all devices, with qualified and advanced signatures – paperless, fully remotely and legally binding.

It’s the only place offering both types of signatures completely remotely. Choose the type of signature directly in the signing process – depending on your needs.

One signature, many benefits

Saved time and costs


From home

Quick and simple

Full legal validity

Ecology / Paperless business


What does the SIGNIUS process look like?

Signing made as simple as possible!
Initial signing process includes secure and fast one-time onboarding process.
When you sign documents with a qualified signature, we will confirm your identity through a certified video verification process. In the case of an advanced signature, you choose the identification method yourself – video verification or data confirmation by electronic banking.

After initial identity verification, documents can be signed instantly – even in a minute!

5 steps in 5 minutes

Sign your documents in a few simple steps.

Key functionalities

Where can you use SIGNIUS Professional?

Electronic signature SIGNIUS Professional may be used successfully in many sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Finance and banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Medicine

  • Law

  • Real Estates
  • Construction
  • Commerce

  • Tranzit

  • Energy
  • Media

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Consulting

  • Public Administration

SIGNIUS Entrerprise

Do you need an individual Enterprise solution?

Meet SIGNIUS Enterprise – a service dedicated to large organizations and corporations.

SIGNIUS Enterprise is a comprehensive platform for Digital Contract Management, QES & AdES Electronic Signing and KYC & AML compliant Remote Customer Identification – offered in different deployment options: fully managed, hybrid and on-premise.

The solution can be successfully used in such processes as:
– Digital Customer Onboarding (KYC & AML)
– cross-selling and upselling

We offer seamless integration with corporate document management systems (for ex. CRM, ERP), advanced branding adaptation and customization options. The signing platform can be completely integrated with internal systems in your company. Find out more. Leave us your business e-mail address and we will contact you with more details shortly.

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