Fully secure electronic signature

SIGNIUS Professional is a remote, safe and extremely convenient to use electronic signature service that enables you to sign documents even in a minute from anywhere, without additional devices such as card readers or cards.

The unique value of the SIGNIUS electronic signature is the remote identity verification of each new user – compliant with eIDAS, KYC and AML and equivalent to personal identification. It allows in 100% to confirm the authenticity of the signatory and its document guaranteeing full security. Only in this way, using an electronic signature, you can be sure who actually signs the document.

One signature, many benefits

Saved time and costs


From home

Quick and simple

Full legal validity

Ecology / Paperless business


What does the SIGNIUS process look like?

Signing made as simple as possible!
Initial signing process includes secure and fast one-time onboarding process in form of videoidentification that takes few minutes. After initial identity verification documents can be signed instantly – even in a minute!

5 steps in 5 minutes

Sign your documents in a few simple steps.

Key functionalities

Signature packages



group pricing table

10 signatures

19 Month
  • (15,45 zł netto)
  • 1,90 zł / signature

50 signatures

39 Month
  • (31,71 zł netto)
  • 0,78 zł / signature

100 signatures

47 Month
  • (38,21 zł netto)
  • 0,47 zł / signature


Save 20%

group pricing table

120 signatures

180 Year
  • (146,34 zł netto)
  • 1,50 zł / signature

600 signatures

370 Year
  • (300,81 zł netto)
  • 0,62 zł / signature

1200 signatures

450 Year
  • (365,85 zł netto)
  • 0,38 zł / signature

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Pay as you go

group pricing table

1 signature

19 Quarter
  • (15,45 zł netto)
  • 19 zł / signature

5 signatures

25 Quarter
  • (20,33 zł netto)
  • 5 zł / signature

20 signatures

39 Quarter
  • (31,71 zł netto)
  • 2 zł / signature

Packages valid for one year from the date of purchase

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Possibility to cover the cost of signers

You can cover the cost of electronic signature and initial identity verification of person you invite to sign. In this case, an additional signature will be used from your package, and a fee of PLN 5 will be charged for identity verification of the new user. The person invited to sign will sign for free.

Where can you use SIGNIUS Professional?

Electronic signature SIGNIUS Professional may be used successfully in many sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Finance and banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Medicine

  • Law

  • Real Estates
  • Construction
  • Commerce

  • Tranzit

  • Energy
  • Media

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Consulting

  • Public Administration

SIGNIUS Entrerprise

Do you sign plenty of documents every day?

Meet SIGNIUS Enterprise – a solution dedicated to large organizations and corporations.

SIGNIUS Enterprise is a comprehensive platform for Digital Contract Management, Electronic Signing and KYC & AML compliant Remote Customer Identification – offered in different deployment options: fully managed, hybrid and on-premise.

The solution can be successfully used in such processes as:
– Digital Customer Onboarding (KYC & AML)
– cross-selling and upselling

We offer seamless integration with corporate document management systems (for ex. CRM, ERP), branding adaptation and customization options (logotype, colours). The signing platform can be completely integrated with internal systems in your company. Find out more. Leave us your business e-mail address and we will contact you with more details shortly.

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